by: Suvorova Svetlana

«I will build my church; and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it» (Matthew 16:18)
«And they continued steadfastly in the apostles' doctrine and fellowship, and in the breaking of bread, and in prayer» (Acts 2:42)

October 9, 2016 The United Methodist Church «Immanuel» of the city Mytishchi celebrated its 25th birthday. The vigil began with a thanksgiving and worship the Great God. It so happened that this day became the birthday of the worship group: the first time our singers and musicians led the church in worship. Everyone enthusiastically praised the Lord, raising their voices in the performance of favorite hymns.

Then Bishop Eduard Khegay preached about the dream of the church. Blessed living word encouraged and inspired the faithful to go ahead of God, dreaming of great deeds and exerting every effort for their accomplishments for the glory of the Lord Jesus Christ.

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25th anniversary is an occasion to draw some conclusions. Valery Khe, 18 years served as pastor of the church, spoke about the history of the Church, how it all started, and about the way passed the church. Bishop Eduard Khegay, superintendent Irina Margulis, President of the Moscow Theological Seminary of the UMC Sergei Nikolaev congratulated the church and noted its significant contribution to the Methodist movement in Russia. Many kind words and wishes stated to the address of the current pastor Tatyana Vladimirova, ministers and the whole church in congratulations from the churches: «Kwanglim», «Singing Christians», «Vnukovo» and others.

At the conclusion of the solemn liturgy all present, holding hands sang the hymn «the fluff», which we consider an anthem of our church.

The festive concert program has been organized in honor of the holiday. Our blessed sister Galina Poronik earnestly read a poem of her own composition: «Christ’s love, huge as the sea. » The guest at the celebration - Eduard Son, performed his own songs which praising the Creator. No heart could not remain indifferent to the performance of our wonderful children. Softly and tenderly sang the song «White Angel» Masha Churbanova; the poems read Alina Kinzhibaeva. Guests gratefully greeted each speaker, rewarding smiles and applause.

After the concert, everyone present was able to enjoy a festive meal. The easy communication parishioners and guests shared their impressions about the holiday. Our church was blessed and encouraged by the many kind words and congratulations. We are grateful to everyone for the congratulations and thank God for all that He has done for the Church, «Immanuel». After all, if you look at the path, that experienced what has been done, we see God's protection, His guiding hand and blessing, and comes a feeling of satisfaction for the work done.
Nicely that the work of the church has been praised in RUMC. At the annual conference in April 2016, for the first time presenting a diploma «Best Pastor of the Year» and received the award: a diploma «Best Pastor of the year. For courage» - our pastor Tatyana Vladimirova. This news caused great joy and emotional lift to the church members. Parishioners from the heart congratulated our pastor and thanked God for the love and wisdom with which pastor Tatiana leads the church, teaches comforts, encourages and inspires the congregation. The award was accepted as a confirmation of God, that the church is on the right path, but at the same time it is responsible. We are grateful to God for the vision that He has given the pastor and the church for ministry that He blesses.

For two years in our church work «Room of healing» - the ministry in which the Word of God – «Is any sick among you? Let him call for the elders of the Church, and let them pray over him, anointing him with oil in the name of the Lord. And the prayer of faith shall save the sick, and the Lord shall raise him up» (James 5:14,15) - pray for physical and spiritual healing of those in need. More than 100 people have gone through this ministry, many were healed, the decision of physical and mental problems. The victorious word of God heals, liberates, gives hope to us.

The work with children is one of the visions of the church.

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Children are our heritage and our future. Much attention is paid to work with them. In the spring of 2016 the Sunday school teachers have been trained in the Society of Children Evangelization, this knowledge inspired them to Sunday school development. In May 2016, the opening of the Club Board Games for area children. Every Saturday, our congregation met in a room of the church children to play with them, conduct master classes. Not only children are actively involved, but also their parents with no less enthusiasm included in the games and activities. Already we have the first results – in the church came one family.

The church «Immanuel» continues its development. Ahead of the new business, new victories. We thank God for His love, support and kindness to us.

Suvorova Svetlana, UMC «Immanuel»
Photo: UMC «Immanuel»
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