by: Ludmila Garbuzova

January 7, 2016, in the new location of the First United Methodist Church "Singing Christians" long-awaited event: Charity Festival of Arts "Every child - a star." It is impossible to convey in words the pure joy ringing angelic voices, which the children sang "Let Sing with Joy, the King of Kings was born" as tenderly sounded angelic hymn "Glory to God!"

All the churches of our Moscow District of UMC are keeping in prayers this festival of art.



Hallelujah! The Lord has blessed our children's party!

The festival program was announced more than 20 participants from several UMC Moscow District from 4 to 16 years. Despite the 20-degree cold in Moscow, all - still 14 most persistent young festival participants came with their families from various cities in the distant suburban venue in New Tsaritsyno. She came from a family Kasperovich Khimki - six, from Zelenograd - three, from Podolsk - four, from Lyubertsy - four. Finally, from Moscow - twenty-one member. All were very smartly dressed and ready for action. Exhibitors and visitors met amazing merry clown, who immediately charmed all children and invited them to a hot dinner party, which was very handy after such a long journey.

The festival began with the blessing and the glorification of our Lord Jesus Christ. Honored Artist of Russia Sergey Stepin invited everyone to perform the anthem "Let Sing with Joy".

It sounded so bright and festive - though in the vast hall of the Kremlin! The concert program was conducted a wonderful Margarita Pushkin granddaughter of Pastor Olga Pokrovskaya, in spite of his young age - a very experienced actress. She opened the festival heartfelt performance of a poem about Christmas. All the artists were at a height: and the youngest, was just beginning to speak, and the more experienced. All I want to say words of gratitude for the warmth and love that sparkled in every speech.

His creativity has pleased spectators Kasperovich family. Five children of the family were able to provide the whole festive program in different genres - there were poems and songs, and a lovely piano playing and even two beautiful dance. Really liked the song about Christmas, written by they mother Tatiana. We are extremely pleased that a worthy replacement grows wonderful father of this family, known singer and musician Oleg Kasperovich.

Also remarkable were Lisa and Pavel Bogdanov. Lisa performed the delicate song about Christmas and Pavel surprised us with incendiary dance. We were all amazed at how quickly the children have grown of family of our wonderful brother pastor Alexander Bogdanov.

Valeria Ladikova with her mother Tatiana had an interesting quiz, brought a letter from Santa Claus and sing the well-known song. Of course, it is difficult to imagine a festival without speaking Busaeva Valeria. She sang, danced a special dance spirit - prayer, and took pictures of all participants. Unfortunately, some guys are sick and participate in the celebration could not.

Even our "star" of the first festival, "Every child is a star" Anna Vaganova and Bostynets Alina, who now became laureates of international competitions, were not able to participate in our festival this year.

The pastor of the First UMC "Singing Christians" Ludmila Garbuzova prepared and held the culmination of the festival, a spiritual lesson, which declared about God's love for His children. The fact that He gives every child the seeds of talent as a gift from above, which, when diligently development, the care may grow in the love and wonderful trees to bring the amazing fruits of joy and happiness.

Children with great pleasure accepted the seeds, as well as wonderful gifts that are handed to them from Santa Claus.

Pastor was invited to the stage the people who brought children on holiday, fulfilling the commandment of Jesus: "Let the children come to me, do not hinder them. The kingdom of God belongs to such as these. I tell you, whoever does not receive the kingdom of God like a child will never enter it" (Luke 18:16-17).

And the children themselves, gave them a special gift, "You - the light of the world" (Mt 5:14). It was a small little lamp with a burning bulb inside.

Then the pastor invited the children - orphans, who have done much to make this a holiday for children was held. They, as a token of gratitude and love, also received Christmas gifts.

Came the solemn moment of the hymn "Silent Night" with candles and oil lamps, which was especially important for those children who have not been in a church during the celebration of Christmas.

At the end of the main part of the festival, the chairman of the jury, Honored Artist of Russia Sergey Stepin handed over the diplomas to the children party, the contents of which sounds like a blessing of God. Here it is:

"This diploma - this is our declaration of love for you.

We wish you to take good care of your creative abilities that are given to you from above, as a gift of love of God. Try to develop this gift, continue to learn, to strive for excellence, to make our world more beautiful, to please all the family and friends, and, especially, our Lord Jesus Christ, our Morning Star, which begins each new day, each new life, your every new step, and your joy. Remember, everything is just beginning. Follow Star in your heart. God bless you."

The official part of the festival ended with the blessing of God that lifted the senior pastor of the Moscow District UMC Irina Margulis.

And there was an unofficial part of the festival, which were sung favorite children's songs - karaoke, and dance your favorite dances. This program was prepared and conducted by music director of the First UMC "Singing Christians" Smolnyakova Nadezda Zhanovna ... It was fun ...

Yes... We are very pleased to have a Christmas party for the children was a success. It was unusual, but very happy and blessed.

We are very carefully and preparing for it well in advance as to any ministry for the Lord, but this holiday was special because it directly affects children. After all, they are very sensitive to any manifestation of insincerity in love, which the Lord has commanded us. God's love does not happen much. It is never half.

We are confident and know exactly what this festival for children is very important for all of us. Not only because some children are first heard of Christ... We know, and what pleased us as a child, never forgotten.

We also know that our children - it is our "tomorrow's joy" (A. Makarenko). So let's think about what more we can do for the perfect joy of our children and for the expansion of God's kingdom on earth? After all, children are a gift to us from God.

"Lo, children are a heritage of the Lord: and the fruit of he womb is His reward." (Ps.127: 3)

Ludmila Garbuzova, Pastor of the First UMC "Singing Christians" of Moscow
Photo: First UMC "Singing Christians" of Moscow
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