by: Galina Kolesnikova

9 Feb 2018

That kind of the miracle only God can do! In the dungeons of concrete, iron and bricks, in the steel-clamped hands, the heart and the soul of the man are free, and his body became the temple of the Holy Spirit, Who lives in him. The Lord hasn’t got any locks and any barriers. The condemned see the hands of the Lord Himself, Who gives them a cup of holy communion, a cup of mercy and forgiveness. In addition to the forgiveness of sins, the Lord gives them a new meaning in life. For the first time in their life they have something solid, real. What is a prison when a person has God? What is “freedom” without God? That is not “freedom”, but a slow death.

In 2017, as usual, on December 25th we, the ministers of the United Methodist Church “Revival” of the town Latnaya in the Voronezh region, came to the strict regime colony to celebrate the Birth of Christ together with the condemned from the bible group.
They prayed, talked, decorated the Christmas tree, gave gifts, and organised tea party. It was so fun!
There is the Federal Penitentiary Service in Voronezh region, it is a department for prison service at the Office, where the Methodist denomination is represented by the leader of our church Kolesnikov Alexander.

Brothers and sisters prayed for all the colonies, because here each person, like no other, needs the help of the Lord. Prisoners here stay on the ‘crossroads’, they do not know which way to go further. The majority of them tries to choose the broad way, which leads to destruction, although they know about the narrow way, but they are frightened by the difficulties. You should know that all the difficulties were taken by Jesus, and we can only trust Him, read His Word and pray. Jesus Christ gives everyone His friendship, stretches out his hand to everyone and loves and protects everyone from the very beginning.
God continues to love us sinners and criminals. God has found a way into our hearts. God accomplished a miracle. That kind of the miracle only can be done by God!

Pastor of the UMC “Revival”
town Latnaya of Voronezh region,
Galina Kolesnikova
Photo, video: UMC “Revival” town Latnaya
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