by: Ivan Perestov

The International Training Conference by the dependency concerns took place from 13 till 16 October, 2016, in Braunfels, Germany. It was held under the direction of European Board on Drug and Alcohol Concerns.

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The delegation of the UMC Eurasia included district superintendent Natalia Prokhorova, pastor Vladimir Ditmar, pastor Elena Melnikova, deacon Stanislav Prokhorov and lay leaders from different churches. The main focus of the conference was experience sharing, generating ideas, networking and building relations between people who work with dependency and codependency.

Moreover, it was the time to learn something new, to express hospitality and of course spiritual encouragement and growth. When people gather to do God’s work there are no borders and language barriers. God is everywhere and He touches our hearts.

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Ivan Perestov
Stanislav Prokhorov
Photo: Ivan Perestov
Translate by Maxim Kvyatkovskiy