20 MAR 2019

It’s crucial to realize how important it is to find time for the talk with God within your daily hussy routine. It’s vital to know that we need this time, our relationship with Jesus, on a regular basis, not only in relate to some spiritual events….

In the end of January, 2019, a youth event “God’s calling” took place in the suburbs of Saint Petersburg. The event initiated by the United Methodist Church in Eurasia was held for the fourteenth time already (next year we’ll have an anniversary). This year the key theme said “Going side by side with Christ”.

Alongside with responding questions and learning spiritual practices, we talked a lot and worshiped God. Every day we studied means of grace, that is, reading Scriptures, prayer, holy conference, sacraments and fasting.

Every day we had worship (with 3 worship bands participating). In the final day Irina Margoulis led Spirit’s Night event. The event like this would be hard to forget for the whole year ahead!

Each participant had the opportunity to answer God’s calling and pick out one of the ministry options this year. It was really important to support one another and pray a common lithany prayer for the peace between Russia and Ukraine.

I am willing to thank speakers and preachers: bishop Eduard Khegay, district superintendents Andrei Kim and Irina Margoulis, pastors Artyom Golov, Dmitry Lysin, Andrei Kuznetsov, as well as the organizing team and worship bands.

I truly believe, that next year we’ll go on with this wonderful trend to gather together, inspire one another, worship God and pray for the world during the fest “God’s calling 2020”!

Ivan Perestov,
Eurasia Youth Council Chair


Natalia Lozak from Lviv has become one of the first participants of long-term missions when she attended Youth fest 2018 in Saint Petersburg. And what’s stirring up your heart right now? Which God’s calling do you want to say YES to?

Youth event “God’s calling” has changed my life. I took part in three youth events, each time experiencing and encountering God anew. The first time I met Him personally, I realized that I couldn’t work in trade sphere any longer. At that point, I was renting an apartment and couldn’t just say good-bye to my boss. At another event I understood that God would satisfy all my needs and take care of me. And I would have promotion in Arts and earn money in that field. So I got dismissed. When I got back home I found out, that new orders awaiting me and I also got a new job in a Christian kindergarten in our church. And God had provided me with work and money whole year round.

During Youth fest last year the changes were far greater! God called me to a long- term mission to Central Asia! And now I’m partaking in the mission, and thus feeling the abundance of grace. I am where I am to be, doing what I ought to do, according to God’s will at just the right moment! I’m thankful to God for the Mission fest, where I had the chance to hear God’s calling and say YES!

Natalia Lozak
Photos and videos provided by UMC Eurasia Youth Council
Translate by Vladimir Ditmar

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