Bishop’s Sermons & Messages (Page 2)

Bishop’s Sermons & Messages (Page 2)


CHRISTIAN UNITY AND INTERRELIGIOUS RELATIONSHIPS …. ……….Eduard Khegay “I’m deeply blessed working in this group which has representatives from Africa, Asia, Europe, Eurasia, USA. Our world today as never before needs a new understanding of Christian unity and interreligious relationships. The Book of Disciple of the United Methodist Church calls us for unity. The very beginning of the Book of Discipline (Part I Constitution) says: “The church of Jesus Christ exists in and for the world, and its very dividedness…


Moving forwardBishop Eduard Khegay Renewal Spiritual renovation – is a natural wish of every Christian. It’s important for Christ’s disciples to constantly renew their relationships with God, both in the sphere of family, and in the church field, and in our service to the world. Many people, for example, speak of “semper reformanda” – a continuing reformation of the church. When I’m asked about the recipe of a spiritual renewal, I often relate it to the understanding of a personal…


Miracle of Christmas The birth of baby Jesus was surrounded with many miracles. Virgin Mary conceived from the Holy Spirit – it is a miracle. Angel appeared to Joseph – it is a miracle. The prophecy from the Old Testament was fulfilled – it was also a miracle. ‘Look! A virgin will become pregnant and give birth to a son, And they will call him, Emmanuel which means “God with us.”’ (Matthew 1:23) The name of the baby boy was…
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