A meeting near a well

A meeting near a well

Women are called to a ministry. What image comes to your mind? A woman, who takes care of a food table? A teacher in a Sunday school? Maybe a pastor? Or a counselor? Every image is unique and important. And it is not a full list of what God calls women to do.

How to hear the God’s call? How to be a leader? How to serve? These and other questions were discussed in the conference of leaders – women of United Methodist Church in Eurasia, which took place last week.

UM Women of different ages of Eurasia, Estonia and the USA came to this meeting; they all have a ministry and have different opinions. But they united together in Spirit to get God’s grace and listen to what He calls. 

Leitmotif of the conference was the role of woman in the church and society. Women from General Board of UMC in status and role of women were speaking about that. Two incredible speakers came from Chicago to share Biblical lessons for women’s groups and encourage for the ministry.

Also Elena Melnikova explained the role of women in details, she gave an academic foundation and told why it is important to listen to others and share your stories.  

A lot of women came not only to be encouraged, but to show an example how to serve God here and now. Milly Tunkler from Estonia taught a lesson and master class how to control emotions.

Natalia Prokhorova, Elena Kitaeva and Irina Mitina taught how to work in the support groups, to help people, but don’t harm those who are in a hard life situation. Victoria Nogay gave an interesting and useful consultation about individual style. 

Every speaker was different from the previous one, shared something special, interesting, but on the other hand she reminded a simple truth, which we need to remember:

Take care of yourself, to help others.

Each of God’s daughters is unique, beautiful and wonderful, created in His image. Don’t forget to remind yourself these words!

Translate by Julia Stukalova