The fourth year of mission to Crystal. The official name is the Center of pilgrimage and catechesis of the RUMC in the village Ramon, Voronezh region. 

Youth from different parts of Eurasia continue to come to this mission. Their goal is to make Crystal a better place for people with special needs and for everyone who comes here to work or relax. 

This time the mission’s tasks were partial reconstruction and painting of wooden houses, landscape work in the territory, installation of a new playground. They tried to accomplish everything. Until sunset, the Moscow team had been fixing the playground on the last day of the camp, when everyone was saying goodbye with a desire and hope to come back again.

There is still a lot of work and there are still a lot of hearts for which this mission will become a place of transformation and growth.

Sisters – participants from Samara UMC share about the mission:  

“My name is Sasha, and this is my second time in Crystal. What has changed in my opinion? Participants become younger and more responsible, it gives me more confidence in the new generation. The youth who come to work in Crystal are hardworking, purposeful, very energetic, spiritual. 

I have not felt such a fullness of life for a long time: hard physical work, active, fun rest (songs, dances, games), prayer and worship, the ministry of the Word and true friendship. 

I could see new incredible sides in my old friends. I found new friends as well. In all social networks, mutual greetings and cordial “I miss you already”, “you are cool”, “Will meet soon”, “I will certainly come next year” fly throughout Eurasia.  

Crystal camp is like a little life. And it is to be continued.” Sasha Voronova 

“Crystal camp is like a little life. And it is to be continued”.

“Every day we gave so much effort and time and received several times more during worship services, morning devotions, praise evenings and in fellowship with each other. Being filled with the Word and praise, we gave everything in work, we learned, we changed, rejoiced and improved both in body and in Spirit. Everyday the Lord opened something personal to everyone, filling with His spirit and transforming. ” Sofia Botova 

Video by Ludmila Khegay