by:Vladimir Ditmar

9 Oct 2017

Summer’s coming to its end. It’s been raining cats and dogs whole week already. Who on earth has gotten an idea to have a summer camp on days like those?!..

But God is good all the time, and in the very end of August we finally saw sunshine and heard kids’ laughter and singing in Pskov UMC building.



From the very first moment up the folks found themselves in the thick of a mysterious treasure searchers camp. They themselves became the expedition participants. And where there are treasures, there is also testing, dangers, deep jungles and wild savages.

On their way, the pathfinders faced puzzled tests: they had to reveal the mystery of the old map in the old house; they took part in the quests to find sweet rewards, quizzes and contests with uneasy questions and assignments.

Together with wise teachers, Irina Ivanova, Natalia Konstantinova and Yulia Parygina the kids were searching and finding the treasures, hidden in the Holy Bible. To add to this, they experienced a bunch of playing, special treats, handcrafting, singing and dancing.

And, of course, the camp wouldn’t do without bonfire, night party and singing to the guitar!

Glory to God, for He’s blessed our church with the two days of joy and revelations. Now, in the fall, the kids will continue to search the treasures of God’s Word and get to know Jesus during the Sunday school classes.

Vladimir Ditmar, pastor of Pskov UMC
Photo by Pskov UMC
Translate by V. Ditmar