South Africa. Diary notes.

South Africa. Diary notes.

This autumn Natalia Losak from Ukraine and Alyona Pirogova from Russia, two volunteers from Eurasia UMC, joint brothers and sisters from Resurrection Church (Kansas City, USA) to go on a mission trip to the Republic of South Africa. The aim of the mission trip was to serve children at Ditshego House of Laughter, teach children to draw during classes and share God’s love during games and fellowship.Natalia kindly shared how it all went…

Day 1

South Africa. Incredible, I am here, it is a miracle. I haven’t deserved it, but I am here. Thanks be to God. My dream has come true. I was willing to serve children in need in this country, give them something meaningful… what I saw differed greatly from what I had expected. Everything is so diverse! People are very hospitable and easy-going, especially kids. We are especially grateful for Antuanette, who welcomed us and said she would help and drive us around during these days. Thank you, God, for this wonderful day!

Day 2

Sunday. It was a very special day. I was really looking forward to visiting a service in an African church. I was amazed by the church, we were warmly greeted by a woman in a traditional African dress who hugged and directed people coming in. There were many people in the sanctuary, most of the seats were taken. Then suddenly a woman started singing loudly, everyone stood up and the choir joined in. We all glorified God’s name and were all in unity and in one Spirit, I was smiling and singing and moving, proclaiming God’s name and His kingdom. It turned out that the sermon was in four languages. The pastor spoke about the significance of praying for the whole world and we read

“I exhort therefore, that, first of all, supplications, prayers, intercessions, and giving of thanks, be made for all men”. 1st Timothy 2:1-7

I was touched by this line in the Bible though I had read it several times before, I had never realized the importance of it. Now there is a new point in my prayer list.

Day 3

School Our team came to the school where we were to serve so that we can meet the staff. We played, learnt a lot about the upcoming school camp. We also spoke a lot and made plans together. 

Day 4

Children. We are at school and we have some great activities with kids, like: • painting up a bird feeder; • collecting plastic trash, filling plastic bottles with it; • building a fence using those plastic bottles. I really liked the idea of cleaning and reusing plastic this way.

Day 5

Drawing Today is our day at school. We are to lead a drawing workshop for kids. We drew an African landscape with a sunset. Though there were no table to sit at, the kids were all sitting on the floor and the conditions were unusual, they all did a great job.  There was another task too, we had to draw illustrations for school study materials. We did as many as we could with Alyona. I was really glad I could do something for the kids.  

I saw the eyes of the children filled with joy and thought that God cares for His children even in these poor community.  

I had lots of thoughts after the travel and here are some of the ideas and insights I personally had:

  1. Pray for the whole world, as it is said in the Scripture 
  2. Value our life, enjoy it and thank God for it.
  3. Learn and develop my skills, especially English.
  4. Accept people as they are.
  5. Pray for Africa and for opportunity to serve there a longer period of time.