One of the participants at the seminar, recently held in the Western District, Katya Tokareva, shared with us:

“I have recently heard a speech by a priest who denounced the parishioners that once they came to church they became “sick ”, although the church is a“ hospital ”where the Lord Himself is a physician. This priest urged people to remember that before they came to church they were sociable, cheerful, but then turned into a “sanctuary”, convicting their relatives, friends, pals and poking at their sins. After this speech, I became again convinced that in any Christian community people go to similar extremes, when you and I, too concentrating on “our” holiness, burn bridges, break relations with those whom we consider to be sinners, quickly forgetting where Christ took us from .It was the same in my life, then I participated in many wonderful church services, but when I heard the call to go to the world and bring news about the One Who saved and changed me personally, I thought “this is for the chosen, for the Evangelists”.

Thanks God, one day my view of personal evangelism changed. It was one man’s example and Mark Cahill’s book “What We Won’t Do in Heaven,” as well as the Great Commission of Jesus, which we all know and which He leaves to His Disciples before ascending to heaven. He does not say to pray anymore, fast, but calls to GO to those who perish without the Truth. There is a great variety of methods to tell about God, and of course our life itself, our actions, and charity are not an exception, but for them to work, you must be at least among those to whom they should be revealed.

John Wesley taught many wonderful principles that we are actively promoting today, but for some reason we rarely remember what he called on Christians to proclaim the “simple truth”: when they realize the presence of God in their lives, people share this truth with others so that the whole world could know the great love and power of God. (From the source “Holiness of the heart and holiness of life” Marilen Savada)

It is a very strong principle, because indeed, when God lives in my life, He speaks to me in my heart, leads and directs me, and I cannot share it with other people. It is like a romantic feeling when our eyes are burning and it cannot be hidden, or it’s like if the world were dying from a terrible pandemic, and I would have medicine alone, would I really not share it with everyone?

Today, I look at every new person in my life as a “book” or a “planet” with his or her stories, experience and knowledge. It really matters to me how this person lives, what he feels, only in this way I can understand with what words, deeds I can explain it or to bring my experience and the wonderful news of salvation with examples. Each of us once met a man who spoke a language we understood and told us about God, and today it is our turn, friends.

There are many pleasant moments in each ministry that we carry, but to see how a person accepted the Gospel and began to grow as a Disciple of Jesus Christ, is the highest happiness on earth.

In our district, senior pastor Igor Doronin has recently spent a wonderful seminar on evangelism. If we have the “heart of the Father” in us, as in the parable of the prodigal son, then we will run gladly towards the “lost, confused”, speak with people of this world in a language that they understand, and accept them as they are, without imposing them formerly the culture of the church, but showing the culture of the kingdom of God.

The seminar had practical examples, tips, and tools that could, and not just listeners (James 1:22).

1. Prayer for a person of the world, which is one, whose heart is preaching grace prepared for repentance and discipleship. There is such a person in our environment.

These people really long for the Word from God, they want changes, they are looking for meetings and fellowship with you. Pray to find those who are prepared to receive the Word of God and preach the grace of Jesus and his discipleship. These people are eager for the Word of God and they want changings, they have the desire of meeting different people like. These people really long for the Word from God, they want changes, they are looking for meetings and fellowship with you.

2. Friendly gestures.

We need to find a way to make friends, find topics for conversation invite guests or go to cafes.

3. Telling the gospel to such a person to tell him to share it with someone whom God will show.

4. It is very important: do not drag a person to the church, but talk and convey the Good News in simple words without religious terms and unnecessary theology.

In this way, the principle of multiplying discipleship is fulfilled:

2 Timothy 2: 2: “and what many witnesses have heard from me, then pass them on to faithful people who would be able to teach others as well.”

If you are embarrassed today, timid, or do not know how to convey the Good News, then let us learn from each other and the Lord will help us.

Katerina Tokareva

Translate by Tatiana Goncharova