Pastor and congregation of Tyumen United Methodist Church “Salvation” pushed Youth ministry – and it is developing.

Few years ago we realized that we do not have youth in the church. A few youth who attended were bored and left the church with the time. We did nothing for the youth because there were no youth in church to work with.

Now we set a goal to bring youth to the church. Three years in a row we organized youth camps and invited a team from Yekaterinburg to help us. We sent our few youth to camps and conferences to the churches that had mature Christian Youth ministry. This all was very costly and a lot of work, but we pushed it!

The result became another youth camp, now in our church. Young people accepted Jesus and were filled with the Holy Spirit. Then they helped to lead children’s camp in the church. We organized a youth conference in our church and invited guests. We had 50 people at the youth conference. Currently we have a home youth group and a youth praise team.

youth conferecence-2.JPG


We purchased a nice Ping-Pong table and put up a volleyball net. Young and old enjoy playing. We were able to attract unchurched youth to use church facility to play volleyball and Ping-Pong.

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Pastor Katya Zubkova and Congregation of Tyumen UMC of Salvation
Photo by Katya Zubkova