Contributions by: A. Starkova, I. Perestov, Y. Minikhanova

«Like a powerful wind» – such words can be used to define the «When God calls» festival. It was a powerful testimony for me. When one takes up new things he or she is afraid not to fulfil the expectations of others. I was afraid to fail too. But you know everything, absolutely everything is in God’s hands and whatever happens, He will provide. This thought supported me during the festival and during the months of preparation through the wonderful team and participants.

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One of the main parts of the festival was a powerful and indeed deep worship. Three praise bands from different countries were invited and each of them had its own style and tone, which allowed us all to worship Lord all united. It was especially strong during the last night of praise, when one could feel the heart of every participant beating in tune with the music

These five days passed as quick as a gust leaving many questions with no answers. We covered the main topic of MISSIONS and shared opportunities for the young people to serve not only in their congregations, but also in different parts of the country. The participants got very excited, formed teams for each destination and distributed roles and responsibilities. “We would like to be not only sowers but also doers!”

I believe that missions will push the revival among our youth in Eurasia UMC. I saw leaders who participated in missions last year with their eyes shining and hearts burning for further ministries. Our festival is a starting point, a takeoff runway for those who would like to change lives of others, change cities and countries. And if you don’t know when God calls, I can tell you: “NOW!”

Alina Starkova, Saint Petersburg

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The festival #WhenGodcalls is a dedicated time out of the everyday fuss, daily problems, irritation and misunderstandings.

It is time of spiritual growth, time for the most important questions when God Himself gives you answers.

It is time when God calls you, gives His blessing and you answer Him “Yes!”

It is amazing to feel the Holy Spirit, to see the joy in the eyes and hearts of brothers and sisters surrounding you.

Without a doubt God is working and changing lives of young people at the festival who open their hearts in praise singing “I love you, Lord!”

Once God changed my life on such event too, He change my perception and turned my life by 180 degrees. I started following Jesus Christ.

I believe that every person has a similar opportunity to change his or her life, receive the truth and the meaning. This festival is a great place for it

Ivan Perestov, Samara

When God call you,
Can you give the answer?
Do you know what the mission of your life is?
What is your ministry?
What is your talent?
I got the answers to these and many other questions during the festival in Saint Petersburg in February.

How can I in a few words describe what was there: many answers from God, inspiring lectures, sermons and testimonies, burst of joy and energy, new friends, a lot of smiles, amazing atmosphere.

However, the most important thing that touched my heart was the choice of mission which is going to take place in the summer of 2017, there are certain aims and a team that is going to strive to achieve those goals.

When God calls – act! Now!

Yulia Minikhanova, Satka

Photos by participants
Bishop Eduard Khegay , Samara UMC
Translate by M. Kvyatkovskiy

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