The idea to organize a ministry of Christian physicians arose back in 2005.

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Pastor UMC “Living Faith” Alexander Shevchenko. Photo «»

The Lord gave me and my friend, the doctor-urologist, brother in Christ from the Baptist Church, this desire. All these years we prayed, asked for God’s wisdom and revelation about the ministry. Also we are interested about how suchlike ministries were organized and implemented in other cities and countries. Parallel to this, we have preached to our patients in our work, gave medical recommendations to people in the churches.

In 2013 we met with Christian doctors from the international Christian organization “Luke Society”, which unites the believer health workers in many countries. As is known, the Evangelist Luke was the personal physician of the Apostle Paul and accompanied him on his travels.

In early 2014, we began our ministry, which is predominantly in the consultations on the medical and spiritual issues in the churches. From May to December 2014 Health ministry has been interrupted, but resumed in January 2015. However, the Lord has revealed to us completely new opportunities for ministry, which we did not think in times before civil war. Many people began to be in need of medicines, since significantly reduced the purchasing capacity of the population. The most of people were afraid for their lives, had the pain and suffering from the loss of loved ones.

After the reception of patients, but before the church service

Now our ministry is that we visit the small towns and villages in Lugansk region and perform charitable medical consultation in the local churches and clinics there. Following consultations, if necessary, we give out to people medicines that they need. The local churches, mostly Baptist, organized these consultations and invited people, for the most part, non-believers. Since previously it was announced that the Christian doctors will carry out medical reception, we, in addition to solving certain medical issues, talk to our patients about the importance of salvation, reconciliation with Christ, pray with them. Fortunately, almost every such event a few people open their hearts to the Lord, repent and invite Jesus into their lives.

As believer doctors, we understand that the majority of health problems, both physical and mental, occurs because of the sinfulness of man, and is the result of Adam’s sin. Jesus came to save and heal people, that is, to make them whole. Therefore, in our work, we must not only help a person get rid of physical pain, but also to acquaint with the One who can take away the heartache and revive the human spirit to eternal life (Jesus Christ).

Two years ago, when we started the ministry, we had three doctors only. Now we have five physicians (internist, neurologist, urologist, ophthalmologist and mammologist-oncologist), a student of the Medical School and two volunteers (Graduates of high school who are planning to study in the Medical School soon) in our team.

Our team

All employers of this ministry are believers. We are members of the different churches of Lugansk, including United Methodist Church “Living Faith”.

Alexander Shevchenko, Pastor UMC “Living Faith”
Photo: A. Shevchenko, S. Serdyuck, site «»
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